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Child Resistant Zipper, keep your product sealed.

Child Resistant Zipper, keep your product sealed.

Child Resistant Zipper is a special tamper-resistant zipper, and it is difficult for children to open. As marijuana legalization increases, Child Resistant Zippers are starting to gain traction. The goal of child-resistant zippers is to protect children from attractive but dangerous products while allowing consumers to use the product when needed.

  • High barrier structure
  • Smell proof
  • Heat sealable
  • Metalized interior
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Careclear-polyester & Nylon Barrier Films


Careclear-polyester & Nylon Barrier Films

CareClear is our line of clear Polyester barrier film. We offer various lamination structures that include PET, Matte OPP, and VMPET suitable for various uses.

Clear materials allow for viewing windows and for products inside to be seen by your consumer. FDA Food contact, and BPA-free.

Unlimited Custom Printed Pouch Packagingsizing + Configurations

Popular film lamination:

  • Matte OPP/VMPET/PE
  • PET/PE
  • Matte OPP/PET/PE

Bag Configuration

Stand up pouch

Stand up pouch

A stand-up pouch is more convenient to dump or absorb the contents and can be re-closed and re-opened at the same time.

Flat bottom bag

Flat bottom bag

Standing straight with the pen on the eight sides is more conducive to the display of the brand;
Unique shape, easy for consumers to identify, prevent counterfeiting, and play a great role in promoting brand building.

Three side seal bag

Three side seal bag

It has good air tightness, excellent moisturizing and sealing performance; High barrier degree and extremely low oxygen and moisture permeability; Strong ability to prevent moisture and mildew.

Bag Features

We offer a wide variety of customizable features to help you sell your product efficiently and effectively



The zipper is a great way to keep products safe from outside elements, keep food fresh and avoid spilling due to their locking capabilities.

Hang Hole

Hang Hole

Hang hole bags allows bags to go from shelf display to peg board in an instant. It is indispensable for many an application.

Tear Notch

Tear Notch

A tear notch allows for the end user to easily open the bag after you seal it and ensures customers know the bag has not been tampered with.

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