Advantages of special-shaped packaging marijuana mylar bags

November 20, 2022

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The following three-dimensional marijuana mylar bag manufacturers introduce the advantages of special-shaped packaging marijuana mylar bags:What is a special-shaped packaging marijuana mylar bag? In fact, it is not a conventional boxy packaging marijuana mylar bag, but an irregular shape. Need to make another mold to do it. Due to its unique shape, special-shaped marijuana mylar bags are very attractive to consumers, and have gradually become one of the means for flexible packaging manufacturers to increase selling points and enhance product competitiveness, and are gradually becoming popular in foreign markets.Special-shaped marijuana mylar bag is a commonly used regular three-side seal marijuana mylar bag, middle seal marijuana mylar bag, four-side seal marijuana mylar bag and has a special flexible packaging marijuana mylar bag. It is widely used in food, daily chemical, toys, medicine, electronics and other fields. Common special-shaped marijuana mylar bags in life include three-side sealed marijuana mylar bags, self-supporting special-shaped marijuana mylar bags, self-supporting nozzle marijuana mylar bags and other special-shaped marijuana mylar bags.The special-shaped marijuana mylar bag breaks through the shackles of the traditional square marijuana mylar bag, and changes the straight side of the marijuana mylar bag into a curved side, thus reflecting different design styles, with the characteristics of novelty, simplicity, clarity, easy identification, and highlighting the brand image. The emergence of special-shaped marijuana mylar bags is of great significance to the expansion of packaging design forms. Designers can give full play when designing product packaging marijuana mylar bags and make more design dreams come true.For example, food aluminum foil marijuana mylar bags, which are common in supermarkets in our daily life, are designed for packaging plums. What does this product do, and it can achieve very good packaging display and promotional effects.In addition to the change of the shape of the packaging marijuana mylar bag, the special-shaped marijuana mylar bag can also add many application functions, such as adding a handle hole, adding aChain, mouth and other ways.In addition, with the change of the shape of the bottom of the stand-up marijuana mylar pouch, the capacity can be made2Liter jumbo with handle hole and spoutBody stand-up marijuana mylar pouches for packaging heavy liquid products such as edible oils. Another example is adding aircraft hanging holes on lightweight packaging,It is convenient for hanging sales on supermarket shelves; some supplementary liquid packaging can use mouth-like special-shaped marijuana mylar bags for easy filling. For example, some kind of laundry detergent packaging in Japan, a marijuana mylar bag corner that can be interlocked is designed on the packaging marijuana mylar bag, and the two rings can be buckled when in use to form a clever handle and pouring mouth. In short, compared with ordinary packaging, special-shaped marijuana mylar bags are more attractive, the product information is clear, and the promotional effect is very obvious, and application functions such as zippers, handle holes, and spouts can be added arbitrarily, making the packaging more convenient and humanized. .Special-shaped packaging marijuana mylar bags have better shelf appeal due to their changeable shapes, and are more popular packaging forms in foreign markets. Equipment packaging marijuana mylar bag manufacturers feel that with the improvement of people’s quality of life, special-shaped marijuana mylar bags have gradually become one of the means for Chinese commodity manufacturers to increase brand awareness and increase product selling points.

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