Food-grade packaging marijuana mylar bags must meet the needs of food protection

November 26, 2022

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Moisture-proof marijuana mylar bag manufacturers tell you that food packaging marijuana mylar bags are generally divided into: ordinary food packaging marijuana mylar bags, vacuum food packaging marijuana mylar bags, inflatable food packaging marijuana mylar bags, boiled food packaging marijuana mylar bags, steamed food packaging marijuana mylar bags and functional food packaging marijuana mylar bags. Food packaging marijuana mylar bags also have many types of materials:PEmarijuana mylar bags, aluminum foil marijuana mylar bags, composite marijuana mylar bags, nylon marijuana mylar bags are more common.The vacuum marijuana mylar bag is to draw out all the air in the package and seal it, so as to maintain a high degree of decompression inside the marijuana mylar bag, and the air is thinLess is equivalent to the effect of hypoxia, so that microorganisms have no living conditions, so as to achieve the purpose of fresh food and no rot.The food aluminum foil marijuana mylar bag is made into an aluminum foil marijuana mylar bag product after dry compounding of aluminum and other high-barrier materials according to the properties of aluminum. Aluminum foil marijuana mylar bags have good functions of moisture resistance, barrier, light protection, permeation resistance and beautiful appearance.Food-grade composite marijuana mylar bags are moisture-proof, cold-resistant, and low-temperature heat-sealable; they are mostly used for instant noodles, snacks, frozen snacks, and powder packaging.Food-grade packaging marijuana mylar bags must meet the protection needs of all aspects of food: 1, Food packaging requirements can block water vapor, gas, grease and organic solvents, etc.; 2, According to the special requirements of actual production, add functions such as anti-rust, anti-corrosion and anti-electromagnetic radiation; 3Ensure that food is pollution-free and extend the shelf life of food.The main and auxiliary materials used in food-grade packaging cannot contain substances that are harmful to the human body, or the content is within the range allowed by the national standard. Due to the particularity of food-grade packaging, only by strictly following the production specifications can the product be approved and put into the market. All inner packaging marijuana mylar bags that come into contact with food strictly abide by the manufacturing process of food-grade packaging marijuana mylar bags, which are not only safe and hygienic, but also ensure the original taste of delicious food. Instead of food-grade packaging marijuana mylar bags, in terms of material composition, the main difference is the use of additives. If an opening agent is added to the material, it cannot be used for food packaging.So how do we distinguish whether the packaging marijuana mylar bag is non-food grade or food grade?The aluminum-plastic three-dimensional marijuana mylar bag manufacturer tells you that when we get the packaging marijuana mylar bag, we first observe it. The new material has no peculiar smell, good hand feeling, uniform texture, and bright color. Only these are safe and hygienic food-grade environmental protection marijuana mylar bags.

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