Frequently encountered problems and solutions in the production of packaging marijuana mylar bags

November 23, 2022

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Packaging marijuana mylar bags are often encountered in our lives, but we often encounter some problems in the production of packaging marijuana mylar bags, so how to solve them? Today, the three-dimensional marijuana mylar bag manufacturer will share with you the common problems and solutions in the process of making aluminum foil marijuana mylar bags, vacuum packaging marijuana mylar bags, aluminum-coated marijuana mylar bags and other composite material packaging marijuana mylar bags:1. The heat sealing strength of the packaging marijuana mylar bag is poor: A, the influence of heat sealing material 11. Different types of heat-sealing materials have different heat-sealing strengths. 21. The density in the material is different, the heat sealing strength of the products of different polymerization methods is inconsistent, and the thickness and uniformity of the material also affect the heat sealing strength. 31. Different processing methods of heat-sealing materials, such as blown film, cast film, etc., all affect the heat-sealing strength. 41. There are many additives in the heat-sealing material, and when the melting point of the additive is low, there will be more precipitation and the heat-sealing strength will decrease. 51. The storage time of the material is too long, many additives are precipitated, or the heat seal strength decreases after corona treatment. B, the impact of printing composite processing 1,The printing ink has poor temperature resistance, and the printing layer will delaminate under the high temperature of marijuana mylar bag making. 2,Improper additives in the ink cause the composite layer to separate at high temperature, and the heat seal strength decreases. 3,The adhesive in the dry lamination is not fully cured, or the ratio of the adhesive is improper, and the composite film is sticky, resulting in a decrease in sealing strength. 4,In the compounding process, the processing temperature is too high, the surface oxidation degree of the material is large, the amount of carboxyl formation increases, and the heat sealing performance decreases. C, the impact of marijuana mylar bag making process 1,Insufficient heat sealing pressure makes it difficult for the heat covers to fuse together and to discharge the air in the interlayer. 2,The heat-sealing temperature is not appropriate. The heat-sealing temperature should be set according to the material, processing speed, material thickness, surface material, etc. 3,If the heat-sealing time is not enough, under the same heat-sealing temperature and pressure, if the heat-sealing time is long, the heat-sealing layer will be more fully fused and bonded more firmly, but if the heat-sealing time is too long, the film will shrink easily and affect the edge sealing. 4,Insufficient cooling, insufficient cooling of the edge banding after heat sealing, insufficient shaping, can not eliminate internal stress, affect the strength and appearance of heat sealing, the cooling water circulation system should be strengthened. 5,The more heat-pressing times, the higher the heat-sealing strength. The number of longitudinal heat-sealing depends on the ratio of the effective length of the longitudinal ironing knife to the marijuana mylar bag length, and should not be less than twice. The equipment packaging marijuana mylar bag tells you that the number of bottom sealing heat seals is determined by the number of bottom sealing knife sets of the machine.

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