Material characteristics of aluminized packaging marijuana mylar bags and aluminum foil packaging marijuana mylar bags

November 25, 2022

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Three-dimensional marijuana mylar bag manufacturers will explain to the majority of users the difference between aluminum-coated packaging marijuana mylar bags and aluminum foil packaging marijuana mylar bags: Aluminum-coated packaging marijuana mylar bags are also called moisture-proof packaging marijuana mylar bags. The light passes through, but it can also play a certain role in avoiding light. It is often used in the electronics industry, and the corresponding size can be customized according to customer requirements. Patterns, characters and trademarks can be printed on the surface. YLTpacking In order to better meet the requirements of customers, the warehouse has been stocked with laminated aluminum foil rolls (materials) of various specifications for many years, and the production cycle is generally about one week. In addition, the aluminum foil packaging marijuana mylar bags produced by our company have been recognized by customers. After a long period of technological research and development efforts, the quality of the production is now comparable to imported products. Suitable for all kinds of enterprise packaging products, such as: industry, chemical industry, electronics, food, daily chemicals, etc. Aluminum foil packaging marijuana mylar bag refers to a packaging marijuana mylar bag with aluminum foil material added to the production structure of the packaging marijuana mylar bag. Aluminum foil is a metal material with good oxygen barrier properties, beautiful metal texture, and excellent thermal conductivity. Now there are more and more The more products are packaged with aluminum foil, on the one hand, it can improve the quality of the product, extend the shelf life of the product, and reduce the loss. On the other hand, the metal texture of the aluminum foil can be used to greatly improve the aesthetics of the marijuana mylar bag and attract consumers. It is unmatched by any printing ink. In addition, due to the metallic nature of aluminum foil itself, it can be used for packaging of electronic shielding products, anti-static packaging, anti-rust product packaging, and high-temperature cooking packaging.

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