Necessary conditions for food-grade product composite packaging marijuana mylar bags

November 28, 2022

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Since food-grade packaging marijuana mylar bags are the main objects of use for composite packaging marijuana mylar bags, there are many types and different requirements. Packaging marijuana mylar bags, moisture-proof marijuana mylar bag manufacturers feel that it covers almost all ranges of composite packaging marijuana mylar bags.(1) Barrier requirements; Most foods are rich in oil, which is easy to oxidize and deteriorate, so the requirements for oxygen barrier properties are strict, and the requirements for the increase and decrease of moisture in the packaging marijuana mylar bag are also very high.(2) water activity; food contains a certain amount of water, when the packaging is selected, the water content of the food will change little if the processing conditions and formula of the food remain unchanged. When the conditions change, it will directly affect the original water activity value of the food, and moisture is one of the important factors causing food deterioration. As long as there is a certain moisture content, microorganisms can grow. For foods with different moisture content, different materials and methods should be used. aLow moisture active food. Bacteria are no longer capable of water activity below0.65survive in foods with a water activity lower than0.60As far as dry food is concerned, spoilage caused by bacteria in food can be avoided as long as it can be kept dry for a long time. bMoisture moderately active food. For water activity in0.60-0.90For foods with intermediate moisture, the methods to maintain food quality include nitrogen packaging, oxygen scavenger packaging, etc., to prevent oxidative deterioration of fat in food and discoloration of food. cMoisture highly active food. For water activity in0.9-1.0The method of maintaining the quality of multi-moisture food:100Heat sterilization above ℃, use hydrogen peroxide, radiation, etc. to sterilize aseptic packaging.(3) Inflatable packaging function of food marijuana mylar bags. The function of inflatable packaging is to prolong the shelf life, and the types of inflatables put forward different requirements for packaging marijuana mylar bags.(4Grain packaging marijuana mylar bag requirements. Song and dance has a respiration function, and the adsorption capacity of different grains to oxygen varies greatly. In various grain packaging marijuana mylar bags, the method of filling oxygen into the packaging marijuana mylar bags with excellent barrier properties can be used to better preserve the air-filled packaging marijuana mylar bags of food.(5) high temperature sterilization requirements. Food sterilization has,85°C pasteurization,100℃ boiling sterilization,121℃ high temperature cooking sterilization,135℃ high temperature cooking sterilization. Select sterilization conditions according to different products. The factors that cause deterioration of different foods are different. It is necessary to understand the main factors of various food deterioration in advance and design packaging marijuana mylar bags in a targeted manner.(6) Vacuum marijuana mylar bag requirements. Vacuum packaging isolates oxygen and prevents moisture, which can not only ensure the quality of materials but also make the appearance of products beautiful and generous.

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