PEWhat processing characteristics does the packaging marijuana mylar bag have?

November 18, 2022

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PE packaging marijuana mylar bags will have such a wide range of applications, not only because they have good performance under the promotion of materials, can meet the packaging needs of various products, and achieve good application results, but also because this kind of packaging marijuana mylar bags are in the material With the promotion of the following processing characteristics, it can bring convenience to the production and processing of packaging marijuana mylar bag manufacturers in China and other places, and the equipment packaging marijuana mylar bag can promote their optimization to complete the production of packaging marijuana mylar bags. As far as the processing characteristics of PE packaging marijuana mylar bags are concerned, it is mainly because LDPE and HDPE have good fluidity, low processing temperature, moderate viscosity, low decomposition temperature, and do not decompose at a high temperature of 300°C in an inert gas, so they can be good manufacturers. When using this kind of raw material to manufacture packaging, the process of raw material handling and molding processing is relatively simple. The above is the sharing of Chinese anti-rust marijuana mylar bag manufacturers~

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