Several key points of whether the aluminum-plastic marijuana mylar bag is qualified

November 20, 2022

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Several key points about whether the aluminum-plastic marijuana mylar bag is qualifiedFor manufacturers or shopkeepers who are new to plastic packaging, how to tell whether their custom-made aluminum-plastic marijuana mylar bags are qualified is a headache. If you can’t identify the tricks in the aluminum-plastic marijuana mylar bags, you will be easily fooled by some unscrupulous merchants. The loss is not insignificant. Now anti-rust marijuana mylar bag manufacturers give you a few tips based on years of experience in making aluminum-plastic marijuana mylar bags: 11. Look at the appearance first. Normal aluminum-plastic marijuana mylar bags and plastic packaging should be uniform in color, whether it is natural color or milky white. If the color is uneven, there is a large local color difference or turbidity, you should be careful, it may not be made of pure raw materials. 2, Odor method, normal aluminum-plastic marijuana mylar bags will not have peculiar smell, if the product you get has peculiar smell or smell, it also means that there are bad fillers in it, which may have a bad influence on your product. 3Strength test, take the aluminum-plastic marijuana mylar bag in hand, first tear it horizontally and then vertically, check the horizontal and vertical strength of the marijuana mylar bag, or directly put your product in it for a try, check whether the heat seal at the bottom is firm, whether there is heat An unstable situation. 4, Printing quality inspection, first compare whether the color of the product is consistent with the color you requested, and whether there is a large color difference, and then check the registration of different colors.In addition, moisture-proof marijuana mylar bag manufacturers would like to remind you that the normal use of aluminum-plastic marijuana mylar bags is non-toxic. If you use low-quality plastic marijuana mylar bags to pack high-temperature food, toxic substances may be released, and long-term consumption will be harmful to your health. For your health and environmental protection, please refuse to use inferior plastic marijuana mylar bags or ultra-thin aluminum-plastic marijuana mylar bags. Let us contribute our own power to protect the environment together.

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