The material composition of the composite marijuana mylar bag

November 30, 2022

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Three-dimensional marijuana mylar bag manufacturers tell you that composite marijuana mylar bags are two or more materials that are combined through one or more dry composite processes to form composite packaging with certain functions. Generally, it can be divided into base layer, functional layer and heat sealing layer. The base layer mainly plays the role of aesthetics, printing, and moisture resistance. likeBOPP,BOPET,BOPA,MT,KOP,KPETWait. The functional layer mainly plays the role of barrier and light protection, such asVMPET,AL,EVOH,PVDCWait. The heat-sealing layer is in direct contact with the packaged items, and has functions such as adaptability, permeability resistance, good heat-sealability, transparency, and sun-opening properties, such asLDPE,LLDPE,MLLDPE,CPP,VMCPP,EVA,EAA,E-MAA,EMA,EBAWait.Composite flexible packaging materials can only be used after being made into various packaging marijuana mylar bags. There are two ways to make marijuana mylar bags. One is that the packaging manufacturer uses roll film to fill on the automatic packaging machine, and then molds and packs it into various packaging marijuana mylar bags; the other is because the marijuana mylar bag making machine makes various packaging marijuana mylar bags and then fills the contents. . Due to the accurate control of professional marijuana mylar bag making, the beautiful shape of the composite marijuana mylar bag, the great changes in marijuana mylar bag making, and the variety of marijuana mylar bag shapes, in many cases, marijuana mylar bags are made first. Composite marijuana mylar bags mainly include: three-side seal marijuana mylar bag, eight-side seal marijuana mylar bag), back seal marijuana mylar bag, organ marijuana mylar bag, stand-up marijuana mylar bag, etc. Equipment packaging marijuana mylar bag manufacturers can also customize composite packaging marijuana mylar bags of various shapes and specifications according to customer needs.

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