Vacuum composite packaging marijuana mylar bag sealing test

November 21, 2022

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The following three-dimensional marijuana mylar bag manufacturers explain the various tests of the airtightness of vacuum composite packaging marijuana mylar bags 1.Seal tightness inspectionSome tiny seams at the sealing place, a slight negligence in the visual inspection will bury hidden dangers for food leakage in the future, so it is necessary to check the sealing tightness of the composite marijuana mylar bag. The commonly used method is: spray a dye-added surfactant into the seal, and observe whether it penetrates or not. If the color of the dye penetrates the seal, it means that the sealing performance is not good. Otherwise, it means that it meets the seal quality requirements. In actual work, we often use a long20cm,width5cm,thick0.8mmThe smooth, burr-free small iron ruler pushes the seal tightly. If there are phenomena such as falling off and perforation with a light push, it means that the sealing performance is poor; if the seal still maintains the proper sealing size, it means that the sealing performance is good.The reasons for poor sealing performance are: insufficient or uneven sealing knife pressure, which can be solved by adjusting the spring pressure of the sealing knife; low temperature will also make the sealing of the composite marijuana mylar bag worse. We note that when the total composite thickness exceeds 80μmWhen the marijuana mylar bag making process is prone to poor adhesion, especiallyBOPP/OPPThe structure is easy to occur. In order to ensure good sealing of the product, there must be a uniform and stable sealing pressure and a suitable temperature. 2, Sealing strength testingThe purpose of the seal strength test is to observe how much content the compound marijuana mylar bag seal can withstand, so as to avoid quality accidents. The general method for seal strength testing is: cut the seal of the compound marijuana mylar bag to be tested to a width of15mmthe long strip, withInstr40nTen thousandEnergy material analyzer in (300±20)mm/minThe sealing strength is measured under the speed, and the sealing strength of the general composite marijuana mylar bag should reachtwenty two~34N/15mm.In actual operation, another simple and easy test method is often used to test the sealing strength: stretch the index fingers of both hands into the opening of the composite marijuana mylar bag, and tear evenly with both hands in opposite directions. When the inner layer isCPEwhen the intensity ratioOPPMuch better, the deformation of the seal when tearing will not cause delamination and fall off, in line with the strength of the seal. If it delaminates and falls off with a slight tear, it is regarded as a substandard product with poor strength. 3, leak or pinhole detectionThe coloring penetration method is often used to detect the leakage or pinhole of the vacuum composite marijuana mylar bag with little air content. The specific operation is: after adding the colored surfactant into the marijuana mylar bag and sealing it, put the marijuana mylar bag flat on the filter paper,5After a few minutes, observe whether there is color liquid on the filter paper, and then turn the marijuana mylar bag over and test again.The underwater decompression method can be used to test whether the vacuum marijuana mylar bag with high air content is leaking. The method is: put the air-tight composite marijuana mylar bag to be tested into a specific glass bottle filled with water, turn on the vacuum pump, and30~60Reduce the pressure inside the glass bottle to1333Pa(10mHg),maintain30Seconds, if there are bubbles overflowing, it means there is leakage. 4, testing of compressive strength and bursting strengthIt is also very important to test the compressive strength of the composite marijuana mylar bag, the purpose is to detect the bearing capacity of the composite marijuana mylar bag. The detection method is: place the composite marijuana mylar bag horizontally on the platform, add a weight on it, and keep1After 10 minutes, take it off and check whether there is any leakage on the appearance of the seal, and if it is, it will be regarded as a substandard product. Flat-mouth composite marijuana mylar bags and box-shaped composite marijuana mylar bags have slightly different pressurization methods, and the pressurization time is1Minutes, the pressurized weight is different due to the weight of the product itself.The detection method of bursting strength is: in the gap1.27cmThe composite marijuana mylar bag to be tested is placed between the parallel plates, and a fixer and a rubber tube are installed on the marijuana mylar bag, so that the tube is10~30Slowly pass compressed air into the marijuana mylar bag within seconds, so that the internal pressure reaches the predetermined standard and then maintains30minutes to see if it is damaged. The bursting strength of general commercial marijuana mylar bags should reach0.01MPaabove. 5, Detection of perforation resistanceGenerally, the composite marijuana mylar bag drop detection method is adopted, and the specific operation is as follows: the composite marijuana mylar bag product is dropped on the rough concrete floor once in the horizontal and vertical directions. The drop height depends on the size and weight of the composite marijuana mylar bagged product. Moisture-proof marijuana mylar bag manufacturers suggest that when doing this test, water is often put into the marijuana mylar bag, sealed and measured before doing the drop test. In practice, the leakage has a lot to do with the thickness of the composite marijuana mylar bag and the quality of the composite marijuana mylar bag material. 6, Detection of composite bond strengthUsing the rubbing detection method of composite marijuana mylar bags, the specific method is: hold a finished marijuana mylar bag in your handIn the middle, rub it with both hands. If there are cracks, delamination, bubbles and other failure phenomena, it indicates that the composite bond strength is poor, otherwise it indicates that the bond strength is high. If the compound gluing concentration is not enough, or the amount of gluing is small, the bonding strength of the compound marijuana mylar bag will also be reduced, thereby affecting the product quality.

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