What is the production method of three-dimensional marijuana mylar bags?

November 19, 2022

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At present, there are two kinds of production methods for three-dimensional marijuana mylar bags, one is the emerging ultrasonic wireless sewing method, and the other is the traditional needle-and-thread sewing method. Ultrasonic wireless stitching method adopts ultrasonic stitching technology, which can be produced without needles and threads, and the appearance of the produced non-woven marijuana mylar bags is more exquisite than traditional marijuana mylar bags, and the load-bearing capacity is comparable; because no needles and threads are needed, the degradation time is very short , fully meet the requirements of modern society for environmental protection, therefore, this production technology is gradually becoming the mainstream.The traditional needle and thread sewing method refers to the use of traditional sewing machines to sew with chemical fiber threadsThe advantages of this method are obvious: economical, quick results, and the transformation of the factory can be successfully completed without adding any equipment; of course, this production method also has its obvious disadvantages: it is not environmentally friendly. The traditional sewing method requires the use of a needle and threadAluminum foil three-dimensional marijuana mylar bags, usually these threads are produced by chemical fibers, during the degradation process, non-woven fabrics only need3arrive5year can be completed, while the chemical fiber line requires30arrive50Years, the environmental protection ability of non-woven marijuana mylar bags is greatly reduced.

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